LTC announces Program Director

Literacy Through Cinema proudly announces it’s selection for the position of Program Director. Mara Mindell, 31 of Astoria, NY has been chosen to lead Literacy Through Cinema into 2011 and beyond. LTC believes that her time as a professional actress coupled with her extensive volunteer work and time with Teach for America make her the ideal candidate. We are thrilled to introduce Mara, as we know she will lend her passion for community, progress and kids to help us grow LTC into what we have envisioned from the start. Welcome, Mara!

Literacy Through Cinema is back!

Literacy Through Cinema is back at MS 223 with a film making intensive! On Saturday the 11th fifteen MS 223 students aged 11-13 took place in the film-making workshop that was based around “Inciting Incidents”- the initial problem that sets a story in motion. After doing a group acting exercise, the class viewed the open scenes of “Alien” in order to become more familiar with the concept of “Inciting Incidents”. The group was then divided into four tutor-supervised teams of kids, who were given forty minutes to conceive of, write the script for, cast actors and a director, and rehearse a one page/minute piece, with the task being to show an inciting incident for a original film. The short films were then shot one by one on a Canon XH-A1 camera, with students from groups not shooting acting as lighting, gaffing and director’s assistants, using different angles, ideas and takes. Shooting wrapped for the three films and they were then screened (during a pizza party!), and everyone involved was blown away by the final products: three films with a beginning, middle and end that showed full mastery of the “Inciting Incident” concept.